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Education at MVEM

Academic Core Curriculum and Wider Curriculum

A strong foundation creates the roots to explore different possibilities and innovations. MVEM has designed its core curriculum and wider curriculum with this adage in mind. MVEM’s pre-primary section educators ensure that each child is able to express and understand the learning that takes place in a play way method using activities and games to garner maximum involvement of the child in the classroom or outdoors.
Patience, respect and virtue are the fore bearers to a renewed enthusiasm for learning right from Nursery to Std X. The best educational practices are utilised to enhance the inborn talent of each child and they are motivated to follow some of their own interests from an early stage.


English is taught with a strong emphasis on literature; classics, novels, plays and poetry collections are at the heart of our English curriculum as teachers and students use these as springboards into wider English writing and language skills. Mathematics and Science are based around practical, real world, scenarios with
new concepts always linked to their place in wider society and their utilisation. Science teaching involves practical lessons each week with an emphasis on students learning through experience and independent investigation. Our lessons focus heavily upon the ability to understand and speak a second, or third, language with confidence and fluency, but also to be equally proud of their mother tongue and humble roots.

Geography, History and PE lessons focus upon independent investigative research with students encouraged to test and question established thinking so that they take full ownership of their learning.

Our curriculum makes sure that the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education of our young generation helps them to develop into successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

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