Mr. Balaprasad Bajaj has been the Chairman of MVEM from 2014 onwards. Armed with the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award in 1997 by the Mahesh Industrial Group, he has put his vision and mission in the right direction by inspiring MVEM’s teaching staff and students in the right direction. His exemplary belief in the motto of the school ‘Together we can …and we will’ has held strong in keeping the entire management and staff fixed on the sole purpose of striving for the betterment of providing exceptional educational services to each student. He has been the Secretary of the Maheshwari Charitable Foundation along with being the President of MIG. His interest in the latest technology and his active leadership and experience in business arenas has made sure that MVEM’s educational labs are upgraded according to the need of the hour for the ultimate benefit of our students.




                 MVEM is led by our Principal, Mrs. Ashwini Mujumdar, who has the onus of taking the school strength from 40 to 900+ in the past decade. She is a core educator and a disciplined and dedicated visionary who has applied her vast experience in the education field to introduce a lot of firsts at MVEM. Be it initiating the CBSE pattern for Maths and Science, implementing Abacus teaching, E-Learning, Teacher Training & Development or varied activities related to academic and extra-curricular fields for the overall growth of each child, she has made sure that each of her students receive the most upgraded educational facilities and guided mentorship through her able team of educated facilitators.