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School Leadership



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Swami Vivekanand said "Education is not only collection of information but something more meaningful" , he felt education is for shaping minds, life giving & character building and believe that education is most important to bring change in ourselves and world around us. We as a renowned educational institute try to impart best education by following age appropriate curriculum. We provide infrastructural facilities and give ample opportunities to develop our students in all aspects . Sports and other co-curricular intelligence are equally nurtured by us. Values are essence of MVEM education. For character building school is providing value based education .The real character of a person is get tested in adverse situation , during this pandemic our teachers have shown their commitment and passion , they worked hard for academic enhancement of students and set an example of honesty and sincerity . I have faith that they will deliver their best in future too & will contribute to school progress.

I wish MVEM staff strength and courage to accept challenges of changing education policy.

All the best and good wishes.





                 MVEM is led by our Principal, Mrs. Ashwini Mujumdar, who has the onus of taking the school strength from 40 to 900+ in the past decade. She is a core educator and a disciplined and dedicated visionary who has applied her vast experience in the education field to introduce a lot of firsts at MVEM. Be it initiating the CBSE pattern for Maths and Science, implementing Abacus teaching, E-Learning, Teacher Training & Development or varied activities related to academic and extra-curricular fields for the overall growth of each child, she has made sure that each of her students receive the most upgraded educational facilities and guided mentorship through her able team of educated facilitators.



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