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From Nursery till Class I
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Welcome to MVEM!

ivaQaOva sava_Qanama\Knowledge is wealth

Mahesh Vidyalaya English Medium School was founded in the year 1999 by stalwarts who had the vision to make the impossible possible in education. The school is managed and directed by Maheshwari Vidya Pracharak Mandal, a charitable trust established in the year 1929. The organization is a pioneer in establishing Educational Institutes, Hostels and Bal-Bhavans across Maharashtra with an aim to give education a firm stronghold. The Board of Trustees play a significant role in enforcing the mission that empowerment of one and all is the prime aim of education.

MVEM is affiliated to the State Board of Education, Pune. From 2018 onwards, the school will begin following the CBSE pattern for students The school includes a Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Section. The team at MVEM School is dedicated to nurturing students who are strong in intellect, talent and compassion and able to hold their own in global competiveness and leadership skills.


HEAR FROM our parents! 

ivaQaOva sava_Qanama\Knowledge is wealth


Overall, the academic year 2020-21 started with a lot of question marks such as, how would the education continue in the given situations? Whether the schools will open or remain online? And most importantly, what would be the overall impact of this on the student’s education? 

Fortunately, having a software technology background, we could visualize that online classes could be held remotely just like corporate meetings. But the primary challenges we saw were infrastructure limitations and technical issues that may come while conducting teaching activity. And as expected, the first week of Online Classes was full of entertainment, where students, as well as teachers, were getting conversant with online meetings. But right from the next week, we saw tremendous improvement from both   sides. 

We are sure that Teachers must have done a lot of heavy lifting to digitize the learning material and get accustomed to this new teaching paradigm. As we know, the new generation is technology-ready from their birth. Not only did they get proficient very quickly with these online meetings but also started doing mischief as expected. But the most important change that happened was students started looking at their meeting calendars on a daily basis. They started following the communication protocols defined by the teachers, which would help them in their future life. 

 Recently, the Government of India has given permission to reopen all the schools. All the children were really excited to re-enter their temple of knowledge, and so were we. All of us parents were extremely happy to see that MVEM wanted to break the barrier of disturbance that COVID-19 had caused and engage the students not only in the academic curriculum but also in co-curricular activities namely socially distanced events like Online Annual Gathering, competitions, and more, physically.

Today, I would like to acknowledge the efforts that the teachers and the entire team of MVEM had taken during the past 8 months to keep their students educated. Wishing All the Best to MVEM for more glorious years. 

Sarika Joshi & Sachin Joshi

The positive involvement of parents plays a major role for the holistic development of a child. Parent Portal is a platform for the school to update Parents on the latest developments in the education journey of their child.

We recommend beginning your communication with our qualified admissions team as soon as possible to receive your earliest inputs for registering your child.

To learn more about the admissions process, please call our team on 9370169445 / 9373466837 or write to them on

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